Website prototyping using ReactJS

Using 5 ReactJS components, I recreated the WePay website in about 2 days. ReactJS works well in a modular and nestable fashion. Looks like ReactJS is the primary weapon I »


One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something. Learnt this word from a book review about Peter Thiel. Here are four principles for founder: 1) Be humble and make incremental »

Clean blocky design

I like the clean blocky design of The UI is composed of various blocks with two branding colors. The ReactJS has similar approach on the UI component. The »


verb: walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way. noun: a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive gait or manner. Learnt this word at »


precocity - Manifesting or characterized by unusually early development or maturity, especially in mental aptitude Don’t mistake speed for precocity: the world doesn’t need wrong answers in record »